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Wright's Susbea Injection System (WSIS)

Ultimate Flexibility

Wright’s Subsea Injection System (WSIS) is comprised of a subsea skid deployed from a vessel of opportunity to the sea floor.  Flexible jumpers deployed with the skid are then connected into the clients preferred subsea interface via 1” 17H hi-flow hot stabs.  The system is flexible to facilitate additions that can be customized and adapted to each project (i.e. 2” hot stabs etc.).


An extended depth mud mat skirt was custom designed to support the loading conditions, bearing capacity, overturning, sliding and torsional impact put on the unit, allowing for ease of recovery in any bottom condition.


By deploying the WSIS close to the asset location with minimum interference, Wright’s can interface with subsea assets and manage emergency scenarios without causing any disruption or interference to subsea components.  The system is capable of performing multiple tasks including pipeline flushing, chemical injection, manifold piping, and more.


The system comes with an EQD (Emergency Quick Disconnect) to disconnect from the skid with total shut-in of isolation valves; as well as the work strings providing zero discharge of pumped fluids, and any hydrocarbons that may require capture back to the surface.


Using 1” ID HCR hoses, the system will provide a flow rate from 135 gpm to 198 gpm dependent upon the 1 or 2 lines to be used from 1,000 psi to 5,000 psi.  Higher rated hoses may be used but due to the restriction imposed with the 17H hot stab the flow rate will not necessarily increase. This is where the flexibility of the system adaptation can be utilized by use of a 2” hot stab to reduce pressure restrictions and increase flow rate.


System has the ability to circulate and spot fluids prior to injection into the asset, eliminating the possibility of hydrate formation or cross contamination of fluids. This also allows the flushing of system prior to recovery of chemicals or hydrocarbons.



Key Specs

• 7,500 psi system, system components are rated to 10K so adaptation can increase pressure rating if required

• Integrated 10’ x 8’ mud mat

• On board accumulator package with deadman system

• Bladder package to capture hydraulic fluid during EQD (Emergency Quick Disconnect)

• Accumulators and bladder control panel system can be recharged subsea after disconnect

• Manifold control panel

• Dual EQD (Emergency Quick Disconnect) system with control panels

• Emergency shut-in

• 2” 10K Subsea Piper ball valves

• 4-way block with free input access for adaptation of system

• API 2-9/16” 10K flanges

• Water depth rating depends upon length of work string required up to 10,000 ft.


Hydrate Remediation Skid

Cement Blenders

Wireline Units

Certified Fluid Manifolds

Continuous Work String Units

Mechanical Cutters

Certified Chiksan Iron

Cased Hole Logging System

Material Tanks

Modular Subsea Connector

Heave Compensation System

Subsea Gas Separator

Subsea Flange Tool

Subsea Injection System


Stabilization System

Hydraulic Power Tongs

Dual Barrier Valves

Subsea Power Source


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