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New Technology

Self-Contained Stabilization System

Wright’s Well Control Services has recently received a patent on their self-contained stabilization system “that heaves itself” via two cylinders working in unison against surge and waves.  The Wright’s Heave Comp System breaks with convention by offering a central longitudinal conduit extending through the center of its cylinders. Where other rig-based kits externally stabilize a riser, the Wright’s device is machined from its midpoint with a 6” ID pathway to allow tools to run through the center of the mechanism. This new assembly offers a higher degree of riser management from a vessel and is comparable to that of rig, allowing for continued abandonments, workovers, completions and production operations.


- Self contained system that uses a dual cylinder assembly

- Capable of a 20 ft. of total stroke

- 6” ID bore

- 6" Riser

- Designed for 10K working pressure

- Designed to hold up to 150,000 .lb tension load

- Cylinders work in tandem to exert force against subsea surge and motion of vessel

- Run continuous work string, wireline and tools through the center of the cylinders

- Wright's also has plans for a heave comp floor using similar system

- Can run continuous work string for tubing completions and workovers through the moonpool of a

    vessel with a Wright’s Heave Comp Floor (Patent Pending) in 10,000ft WD or deeper

(Method) Patent No. US 8,746,351 B2

(System) Patent No. US 9,163,464 B2


Subsea Flange Tool


Modular Subsea Connector

Full Bore Hose Connector

Full Bore Hot Stab (1-piece)


Stabilization System


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