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Pipeline Services

wrights well control services provides pipeline services with an ROV or off a dive boat

Advanced Subsea & Ultra Deepwater Pipeline Services

Wrights is a multi-faceted company with a strong understanding of offshore operations. Understanding the critical nature that structure and export lines produce without interruption, Wright’s experience and fit-for-purpose equipment ensures pipelines can be brought back online in a safe and timely manner. Specializing in pipeline intervention, Wright's one of a kind technology enables operators to remove blockages of asphaltene, paraffin and sand, while concurrently removing hydrates resulting in optimal field production rates with minimal interruptions.

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Utilizing depressurization of the pipeline with chemical injection dosing at critical points, Wright's Hydrate Remediation System is the trusted and proven method for remediating anomalous conditions in pipelines. The system pioneered gas separation and the introduction of an autonomous, self-standing remediation unit. Presently holding the record for most miles cleared in a single project (15 miles of a 12” pipeline), Wright's continues to develop its multifaceted understanding of the behavioral characteristics of blockage while gaining insight that further increases its capabilities and progressive job execution through offering robust solutions in remediating anomalous conditions in pipelines.

Self-contained with twin pump and motor assemblies (one being a back-up system) for depressurization, Wright's skid is completely autonomous and entirely independent of an ROV for power and control. Powered by filtered seawater from the surface using Coiled Tubing from a Multi-Service Vessel the unit is positioned on the seafloor using skirted steel mud mats; Wright’s system is the solution of choice in up to 7,500 FSW. Wright's revolutionary and game-changing technology employs the following capabilities resulting in reduction of downtime and decreased cost.

Engineered by Wright's to Protect the Environment

Eliminating the impact from leaking lubricants or oils into the surrounding environment, Wright’s kit utilizes filtered seawater for power rather than hydraulic fluids. Adding further environmental protection, Wright's properly quarantines, processes, and disposes of contents removed from the Subsea pipeline.


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