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Industry Firsts

Wright’s Well Control Services engineers and executes numerous first-to-market services for clients.  Ask the expert team at Wright’s about customized solutions for the most challenging offshore environments in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and beyond.

single job but does double duty

First Continuous Work String Unit of its kind

Wright’s advanced continuous work string system utilizes a single drum unit  with two (2) individual coil lines separated by partitioning the drum, while accompanied by two (2) sheave assemblies. The primary benefit is the ability to perform multiple functions with a single unit such as flowline, testing, commissioning, decommissioning, pigging, de-watering, stimulation, remediation, P&A, etc. The diversity of the new continuous workstring unit reduces  operating costs while increasing bottom line as well as production.  Learn more about our Continuous Workstring Units here.

the first ever in the gulf of mexico

The First Rigless Wireline Intervention in the GOM

Wright's performed the Gulf of Mexico’s first rigless wireline intervention from a Multi-Service Vessel in 3,500’ WD, increasing gas production 800% and oil production 300%.  For more information on this project see the May 2010 Offshore Engineer article here.  Learn more about our Subsea Intervention Services here.

switch from single drum to double drum by pulling four pins
State-of-the-Art Class I, Div 2 Explosion-Proof Electric Line Units

Wright's proprietary electric line units are explosion proof and multipurpose with several interchangeable wire drum sizes on the same unit.  With the flexibility to switch between .108”, 7/32", 9/32" 3/16" and 5/16" wires in just 45 minutes by pulling 4 pins, Wright's electric line equipment delivers clear time/cost savings.  Learn more about our Wireline Units here.

large cuts with size variations
Largest Mechanical Cutter on the Gulf Coast

Wright's has the largest known mechanical cutter on the Gulf Coast with options for  1 ¾, 2 ⅛, 2 ⅞, 4 ½, 5 ¾”, 6 ¼”, 8 ⅝", 11 ¾”, 14 ⅞" & 18" internal cuts on 2” to 120” diameter pipe.

Learn more about our Mechanical Cutters here.  Learn more about our Cutting Services here.

First Subsea Acid Job off of a Dive Boat

Wright's performed the first ever acid job on a subsea well off the back of a Dive Support Vessel (DSV) in 450' WD.   Learn more about our Subsea Intervention Services here.

Wright's preformed a rigless hydrate remediation in the GOM at 7200’ WD from a proprietary skid containing a pump and motor.  This self-contained subsea unit is powered from the surface through continuous workstring.  Not limited by a Remotely Operated Vehicle’s (ROV) hydraulic energy, the pump can increase volume to 2 BPM, or reverse flow drawing pressure down to a sub-ambient -12 psi.  For this project the integrated skid cleared 15 miles of 12” pipeline removing 8000 barrels of hydrate fluid.


For a subsequent job, a paraffin blockage mixed with hydrates was successfully mitigated reopening four miles of  pipeline.  To date the skid has cleared more than 30 miles of pipeline on four jobs.

Learn more about our Pipeline Services here.  Learn more about our Hydrate Remediation Skid here.

A unique Wright's gas separator sits atop the skid and removes the gas mixed in the hydrate to the surface. This approach prevents the formation of additional hydrates in the continuous workstring outtakes used by both the gas separator and the pump for the remaining fluids. The old technique required returning the continuous workstring to the surface for thawing each time hydrates formed and reconnecting to the subsea pump–causing costly delays.


This system is further protected from hydrate blockages between the pipeline end termination/flowline end termination and the skid by injecting dispersant chemicals from a ROV panel as needed.  Learn more about our Gas Separator here.


Wright's Subsea Flange Tool delivers up to 2,000 ft-lbs of torque for Subsea applications. With an accurate, mechanically run turns counter, no electrical interface and a ROV-friendly handle, this tool is ideal for the Subsea environment. The tool’s robust Deepwater capabilities are reinforced with latching fins, each with one-ton holding pressure and a maximum pressure of 1,800 psi.  These latches ensure a secure connection to the Subsea bucket and are spring loaded for a safe disconnect.  To see our Subsea Flange Tool in action, click here.


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