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Hydrate Remediation System and Services

image of wrights well control services large hydrate remediation skid for gases and intervention
images of hydrate remediation skid rendering and final product for wrights well control services offshore

Wright’s proprietary innovative Hydrate Remediation System was created and engineered with the following design considerations:

• Multifunctional Drive System

 • Pump Capabilities (sand, hydrocarbons,

    acid, paraffin, asphaltene and gas)

 • Overcoming Hydrostatic Pressure

 • Hydrate Issues within the Pump

 • Gas Separation Issues

 • ROV Friendly

 • Cost Effectiveness

 • Environmentally Safe

 • Redundant Systems

 • MSV Deployable & Recoverable

See it in action

See it in action

Key Features

• Powered by filtered seawater from the surface via coiled tubing from a Multi-Service Vessel

   (MSV) or rig, or left on ocean floor for later use

• Self-contained pump skid and motor assembly placed on the mudline utilizing skirted steel

   mud mats

• Not limited by a Remotely Operated Vehicle’s (ROV) hydraulic energy

• Generates a suction that can bring pipeline pressure down to negative 12 psi

• Has a discharge rate of 1 bpm (the system is designed to pump up to 2 bpm)

• Can pump both fluids, solids (10% sand) and gases with no damage to the pipeline asset or

   the pump

• Has a redundant pump and motor assembly activated by a subsea valve system

• Additional topside assembly offers on site installment should redundant system

   experience anomalies: allowing for 3 complete on site assemblies

• Strategically placed subsea gauges enable monitoring of the pump inlet, pump outlet and

   pressure in the gas separator

Patented technology and proprietary information of Wright’s Well Control Services, LLC

Patent No. US 9,435,185 B2


Hydrate Remediation Skid

Cement Blenders

Wireline Units

Certified Fluid Manifolds

Continuous Work String Units

Mechanical Cutters

Certified Chiksan Iron

Cased Hole Logging System

Material Tanks

Modular Subsea Connector

Heave Compensation System

Subsea Gas Separator

Subsea Flange Tool

Subsea Injection System


Stabilization System

Hydraulic Power Tongs

Dual Barrier Valves

Subsea Power Source


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