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New Technology

Full Bore Hot Stab (single piece design)

wrights well control services innovative offshore full bore hot stab in 1 piece design

Wright’s Well Control Services was recently awarded a patent on their Hot Stab Connector Assembly. The design allows for a full through bore use without having to use a typical hot stab side port manifold as is customary in the industry. The system offers the ability of full direct flow without creating disturbance in the flow of fluids either being injected or through returns, thus causing back pressure due to previous designs (eliminates the concept of more or larger size holes to increase flow). The system is capable of being used in all cases for the connection of well servicing equipment; blow out preventers, subsea manifolds etc. where maximum flow rate is required.


The system consist of two main components a male and female, that is where the similarity to other system ends. The male is mechanically locked into the female connector. The mechanical lock can be engaged by ROV, diver if required (with a mechanical locking mechanism to prevent accidental release or operated hydraulically). Multiple designs are available. In the well servicing requirement the system also has a dual barrier design with a hydraulic EQD function to release the mechanical lock and eject the male connector.




- Full-bore hot stab API rated for 5K, 10K, 15K, and 20K applications

- Multiple sizes available dependent upon required pressure rating.

Patented technology and proprietary information of Wright’s Well Control Services, LLC

Patent No. US 9,309,739 B2


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